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Where can I see one put up?

We also have customers all over Australia so contact us and we'll try and locate a Lotus Belle near you. Please note that we do not currently have a showroom in Australia and sometimes its not always easy to facilitate a viewing, but we'll do our best.

What are the measurements?

The 4 metre tent is 4 metres in diameter and 4.5 at it's widest point. It's 3 metres high. The two windows measure 80 x 70 cms each and the door 1.54 x 1.08 metres. The 4 metre weighs 56 kilos and packed dimensions are 1.20 x 40 x 40 cm

4 metre tent can fit up to 4 standard size singles or even a king size bed!

The 5 metre tent is 5 metre diameter, 5.5 and slightly taller at 3.2 metres high. The door and windows are the same dimensions as above. The 5 metre weighs 68 kilos and packed dimensions are 1.27 x 40 x 40 cm

All Lotus Belle tents come with two side windows 

5 metre tent can fit a standard queen or king and up to 6 standard size single beds. This tent it 56% bigger than the 4m so significantly bigger

Is it waterproof and what about mould and mildew?

Our tents are treated to be mould and rot resistant but after extensive weathering we recommend cleaning and reproofing your tent with a suitable canvas treatment. Also really important to take precautions like never packing away your tent wet (especially the groundsheet!) and make sure the canvas shutters are down when drying it so there is no damp build-up. While our super strong canvas which is 380 gsm is treated to make it mould, mildew, rot, UV and fire resistant. This does not guarantee you won't get mould, so please read the below care suggestions if you've not had experience with canvas tent before. How long it will last is totally dependent on how well you look after it. We would expect a Lotus Belle tent to last at least 5-10 years, if well looked after hopefully much longer. We have friends still using canvas tents which have been in the family over 50 years! 

Treating Mould 


As a guide, we say 3-6 months a year (depending on the conditions and climate in your area), which makes it perfect for semi-permanent accommodation for your business or a spare bedroom!

We have customers have the tents up an entire year, but you might need to look at doing some maintenance on it (such as mould treatment or re-waterproofing) to keep it in good condition

Here's what one of our customers says:

"We live just over 3.5 hours north of LA in a small seaside town. We had our Lotus Belle tent up one whole year. It worked out wonderfully, except for a few signs of mildew, which can be expected after having it up so long.  We remedied this with Lotus Belle's suggestion of clove oil and water, which worked a treat! I used the tent as a spare room for our kids and their friends and the whole neighbourhood thought it was awesome in every way!" Joanna Bobbitt, CA, USA *
For more tropical climates its recommended you air your tent our regularly, watch how the canvas is wearing, inspect it for signs of mould and take down during heavy rain and monsoon periods. Your tent will be more prone to mould in the tropics (as everything is) but with the right care plan in place your tent should handle the conditions OK. Contact us for more details.

Fading will occur particularly as Australia has some of the highest UV penetrations in the world. Its much less obvious in our cream coloured tents than the coloured tents.

* Please note clove oil has worked well as a preventive for some customers but if the mould issue continues its recommended you do a full treatment with an approved canvas mould killer.

Click here for more information on caring for your Lotus Belle tent

How does it perform in wind?

Really well. The tent has 10 supporting poles and multiple guy ropes to keep it well anchored, a good idea is to slacken these in storms to let the tent move. We left it up recently during a 100 kph storm and the tent was fine. It's not recommended you do this all the time. Any strong weather conditions are not good for your tent. Please exercise due diligence. If there are weather warnings set in place for your area, take your tent down.

How much space will I need to pitch it in?

Ideally you'll have about 7m diameter space to put up the 4m tent, but it can be smaller if you adjust the toggles inwards, around 6m minimum. It's ideally used in fields or large gardens, at festivals or large open spaces like farms and lifestyle blocks.

You'll ideally need a 8m footprint for the 5m tent but can get by with 7m if you adjust the toggle inwards.

What's the groundsheet made of?

If you check the gallery section of our website you'll see our 550gsm groundsheet. It's super thick and waterproof and the same durable material they make kayaks out of so we know it performs well! We often photograph the tents with carpets inside which we get made to order, this adds comfort and looks great, but it is an optional extra. Many customers get platforms made for the tents if they are up long term you can see pics of the platforms here on Pinterest.

What's the tent made of?

We have worked hard to manufacture an excellent quality canvas which is 380 gsm in thickness, much thicker than standard canvas tents on the Australian market. Its treated with a non-toxic fire retardant and rot/mould resistent spray to meet the standards required. The centre pole is wood as are the wooden toggles, all great quality and beautifully made. The supporting poles fold down into 3 parts and are metal. 

Will it fit in the boot of my car?

Yes! Woohoo, hurrah, finally, an almost-yurt that you can actually travel in a normal size car with! It folds up and fits in to two bags, each measuring 120cm x 40cm x 40cm max. So there's even room for your sleeping bag (and perhaps some clothes too if you're lucky).

What is the availability of the tents?

Unless it say's "sold out" we have tents in stock now. We do tend to sell out by around Christmas time though so its good to order early to avoid disappointment. If the model you want is unavailable please email us as we may be able to locate one form our NZ store.

Can I fit a burner flue in for a wood burning stove or air conditioning unit?

Yes you can fit a burner and no, it doesn't come with a flue hole - but its easy to make one yourself with the addition of the plates provided with a burner kit. A quick Google of "stoves for tents" will show you images of what can be done and where you can buy them. Please be aware of the fire risk. Lotus Belle cannot accept responsibility for issues caused through misuse of stoves.

How long does it take to put up?

Once you get the hang of it ONE person can do the whole thing in 45 minutes. Sure its easier with two people but one person will be able to erect the tent if need be. There are two methods of putting the tent up - roof first or walls first. It is easier to put the walls up first, but if its raining when you put it up, then roof first is better. (also - if you leave the wall poles in the canvas, you can put it up in 15 minutes)

Please see our video below

Our pictorial instructions also come with the tent


How do I put it up?

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