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Lotus Room Cocoon

  • $48000

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Please note this is an ACCESSORY for our Lotus Belle Tents. For tents shop here

Our famous cocoon liners are perfect for jazzing up a tired older tent or if you like to hide the steel wall poles. 

  • Great for an extra layer and providing insulation during the cooler months (for even more insulation please see our padded insulated liners)
  • Added protection and easy cleaning 
  • Keeps your walls clean and free of debris, so great for kids activities and play area
  • 100% Polyester

The lining comes with zip-up openings to correspond with the 2 x windows and 2 x doors on your tent. (available for deluxe models only)

"How does it work?" Basically, you put the tent up as normal, then you pull down the centre pole and put the lining on to the top of the pole. Then you work around from the back of the tent clipping on to the 10 sidewall poles.

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